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Puneet Gupta Success Story

Breakup to 200 Cr Earning without Funding| Puneet Gupta Astrotalk Success Story

Puneet Gupta founded the company Astro Talk. In this article, we will be covering Puneet Gupta Astrotalk Success Story.

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NamePuneet Gupta
Work asFounder and CEO of Astro Talk
EducationBachelor’s degree in Engineering (EEE) from PEC University of Chandigarh
Previous jobNomuraBNP Paribas company
Net worthUSD 200 million
Company NameAstro talk, Code yeti software solutions Pvt. Ltd
Founded year18 Oct 2017
PlaceNoida, India

Puneet Gupta Astrotalk Success Story

When he completed his study and he started working at Nomura, at this same office he started dating a girl there who belonged to a rich family. One day he and his girlfriend decided to go outside to spend some time together. She said do not bring your bike but he takes his bike however while riding his bike suddenly stopped and did not restart.

His girlfriend got angry and pissed and Puneet tried to convince her to calm down, but she got very angry. Puneet even added that he will soon buy a new car but nothing could her. She said that my father has a Mercedes, but in your family, no one has seen a car. This hurt him a lot and then he decided to break up with her.

The turning point of his life started and became the CEO of ASTRO TALK and an entrepreneur

Then he realized that he needs to do something big in his life to fulfill his dreams because he always wanted to start a business and this incident give him the strength, I have to do something. It was then he quit his job and started thinking of doing something on his own.

He started brainstorming many ideas. His first thought was to restart his grandfather’s Ayurvedic medicine business, he then went to his grandfather to talk about the hand is ideas, and his grandfather explained to him the pros and cons of the Ayurvedic medicine business.

His grandfather was also of the opinion that this was a slow-growing business. Puneet at this point, had enough capital that he sought to invest in some kind of startup that would take off, he does an analysis of his strengths and weaknesses, and interests. He realized that in his city there is an education tuition trend going on.

He set up a place to open coaching and invest all his money but later he loses interest in the business because it was not giving him the passion that he wants to do and then he quit. Now he has no money and no work. This was one of the most depressing phases of his life.

The Disappointment and suffering he faced

he did not want to work as an employee, he only wants to create something in that time everyone tries to set up their online business or any kind of business. Then he is thinking too much because he invested his money and lost it e is going into depression have no work also. Then one day his friend knows about this trying to convince him if you want to start a business you have to work and earn some money for the start-up, he comes back to Mumbai and works for BNP Paribas Company.

The real-life experience of an astrologist

He started to save money for his startup, but then when the time for resigning came, he started to think about the failure of his earlier start-up once again and how miserable it had left him, how he has no money for food or rent, problems he faces began to appear how he had to lie to his family about his well-being.

Then in his, there is a senior lady in his office colleague who tells him she is an astrologist she what to see his future and suggested how things are going in his life. First, he makes fun of her because he is a non-believer. After that, he agrees to listen to an astrologist consult.

She then started to predict his future by seeing his hand telling him if he quit his job, it is okay and started up a business it will be doing well, but after two years his partner will leave the company and you will also start something which will be in IT field in mass and there will be huge female customer after this I cannot see clearly, she stops. After this, he quit his job. He only wants to listen to this so that he can quit his job and only wanted a little push that would satisfy him.

How Astro talks start-up

The prediction goes correct. Then he talked to the senior colleague and shared that what she predicted for him came true.She was excited and asked him you come here for another prediction. While getting this type of prediction gives him a future business idea along these lines.

Because he non-believer in he now knows every astrologer is not fake and then he gets makes Astro Talks and now finds out how to check the genuine astrologers convenes and started this business with seniors on small scale and working on this is now a days a huge platform for 1 corer+ trust worth customers using these apps and facilities in their life. Which life problem solves.

Apps and websites information on how they work and function

Then start this work on through the app and website platform take feedback to improve their work and prove better service and understanding of their customer service needs. he calls them and works on the feedback so they can provide better facilities:

  1. Then they start marketing and give the first-time free visit ask anything they do not charge anything and give free coupons to come to their platform. When customers are coming to their platform
  2. Then they first try giving face-to-face video call launched because they want to prove people go to Astro talk one on one talk real experiences then people ask in video chat but later people ask given the option to close the camera option because people do not want to show their face because of the privacy and identity.
  3. Voice call features then give people to only talk when they are free after work or household work in the house or a room private where no one can listen.
  1. WhatsApp’s Messager chat option but people are saying no in their feedback and do not show any interest. because in Astro talk team says how they make emotional bonds and messages short cuts language barriers but he did not think too much and launched it goes 60% huge and it is a success because this time people had the freedom to talk any were like in the office or working place or sit with some and talk and they still a chat and no one no anything.

The challenge of Astro talk

  • Finds genuine astrologists whom people can trust them.
  • They have designed apps and websites.
  • Finding honest astrologists and policy who can join them
  • In taking interviews, them for the degree proof, and checking original documents and behavior in how they talk to their customers.
  • Finding fake ones who cheated for the money and watching watches that do not charge and expensive remedies not taking huge amounts.


Puneet Gupta is never afraid of the taken decision he learns from his failure. He also works in a coding company he knows how to make apps because he works in other companies, and he wanted to do business for people and for him to grow. After some, he learns from his life experience which feels in his life which is good and this gives an idea for his future business Astro talk.

And he wanted to make this opportunity real and open an astrologist app. which helps many people in their life and make life easy he tries to make a trust worthwhile path for people.

He wants to make everyone who can tell them information about the future a little bit which clears their current situation or idea they are doing correctly or wrong. He wanted to provide this to every human in this world to choose astrologists who are trustworthy and guide them in the future because everybody wants this kind of facility.

And people can join them and trust them and they are taking care of their private life and working for them. they do well in this business which is good because they are coming back-to-back and asking questions about their life, work, job, and marriage are proving better facilities which people are looking for they take this question at any time and they are also providing prices and ratings so they can choose the best astrology for them easily in Astro-talk find the better option one they want to talk.

And they are providing this and are doing well-earning money through this their first income is 32 lakh per day. without any partner, they are trying to find but they did not trust them at their starting time.

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